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Walking and Cycling

Walking and Cycling Research

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Exposure-Adjusted Road Fatality Rates for Cycling and Walking in European Countries new

Discussion Paper, 25 September 2018

  • Alberto Castro
    University of Zurich
  • Sonja Kahlmeier
    University of Zurich
  • Thomas Gotschi
    University of Zurich
Safety, Security, Health, Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand, Walking and Cycling

Walking and Cycling Policy Insights

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Integrating Urban Public Transport Systems and Cycling

Roundtable Report, 26 April 2018

  • Design interchange stations to provide secure, uncongested conditions for transfer by the shortest routes possible.
  • Provide adequate bike parking areas at stations and stops.
  • Integrate ticketing and information systems as well as the physical transport infrastructure.
  • Establish integrated urban transport plans in consultation with stakeholders and the public.
All Transport, Infrastructure, Logistics, Public Transport, Sustainability, Environment, Technology, Innovation, Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand, Urban, Walking and Cycling