Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Will mobility become a service?

Constantly evolving, forward-looking and on the cutting-edge of transport policies, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) fascinates us by its potential to radically improve our mobility systems. The number of possible approaches and subtopics related to MaaS illustrates how rich and complex it is. In such a dynamic environment, the one certainty is just how uncertain the transport community is on how best to proceed with the development of MaaS. 

To help us advance, at ITF we're working on how best to set up a MaaS ecosystem to reap the benefits of this potentially game-changing approach to transport systems. Through our latest reports, events and region-wide case studies, we are building a birdseye view of the approaches which will allow us to best govern, regulate operators and markets and communicate with all stakeholders. We hope the lessons learnt from our work will spur others to innovate and create a MaaS system that benefits society as a whole. 


Download the summary and watch a recording from the "Developing Innovative Mobility Solutions in the Brussels-Capital Region: Final project webinar"

Download the report "The Innovative Mobility Landscape: The Case of Mobility as a Service"

Download the report "Integrating Public Transport into Mobility as a Service"

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