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1st ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting


Summary Record of the Meeting

Item 1. Objectives of the Meeting

The International Transport Forum has been dedicating resources to improve the quality and the coverage of transport statistics. The aim of the meeting was to better understand users’ needs and improve transport statistics to better assess the role of the transport sector in the economy. The meeting was also an opportunity to maintain and develop regular contacts with a wide range of transport actors to share views, experiences and to join forces to develop efficiently international transport statistics.

1.1 Measuring Transport Infrastructure Spending and Assets. Presentation by Jari KAUPPILA, ITF

Item 2. Task Force on Measuring Infrastructure and Investment

Understanding the Value of Transport Infrastructure: Guidelines for macro-level measurement of spending and assets. Final Report of the Task Force, April 2013

2.1 Task Force Recommendations. Presentation by Jari KAUPPILA, ITF

2.2 A Short Exposé on the Perpetual Inventory Method. Presentation by Peter van de VEN, OECD

Item 3. Quality Improvements of other ITF Questionnaires

3.1 Assessment of Annual Trends Data. Presentation by Mario BARRETO, ITF

Item 4. Dissemination of ITF Statistical Activities

4.1 ITF Transport Outlook. Presentation by Jari KAUPPILA, ITF

4.2 Global Trade and Transport. Presentation by Edouard CHONG, ITF

4.3 OECD.STAT Browser. Presentation by Mario BARRETO, ITFForum

4.4 Road Taxation Database. Presentation by Edouard CHONG, ITF

Item 5. Innovation in Transport Measurement

5.1 Measuring Performance and Resiliency of Trade Corridors. Presentation by Paul TARDI, Transport Canada, Canada

5.2 National Transport Satellite Accounts: A French Experience. Presentation by Jean-Baptiste HERBET, Ministry of Transport France, France

Item 6. International Co-operation

6.1 Joint Research Centre: The European Commission's In-House Science. Presentation by M. CHRISTIDIS, European Commission - Joint Research Centre

6.2 TEN-T Policy, TENtec System and Related Data Needs. Presentation by Martin ZETTLER, European Commission - DG MOVE

6.3 Simplified Web Common Questionnaire. Presentation by Mario BARRETO, ITF

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