Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Blockchain and Beyond: Encoding 21st Century Transport

This report examines how advances in data science and encoding could improve transport. It investigates three linked and rapidly changing areas: First, it discusses the deployment of blockchain and other distributed ledger-based approaches, that record transactions efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Secondly, the study looks at open algorithms and other alternatives to traditional data-sharing. Finally, it reviews the development of a common data syntax for encoding mobility services.

Policy Insights

  • Public authorities must prepare for a much more networked and meshed world.
  • Take into account changes in data science and technology when developing Mobility as a Service.
  • Look beyond initial cryptocurrency applications of distributed ledger technologies.
  • Governments should help deploy the building blocks that enable wider uptake of distributed ledgers.
  • Apply blockchain technology now for slow and (relatively) small transport use cases; anticipate next generation distributed ledger technologies for “big and fast” applications to be deployed later.
  • Governments should develop algorithmic code-based regulation to accompany the uptake of distributed ledger technologies.

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