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Country Licences

For information about the ECMT licences valid in 2023 please refer toDistribution of Licences by Member Countries as from 1 January 2023

The following information presents for each country participating in the ECMT Multilateral Quota: the distribution of licences as at 1st January, their current status (issued, cancelled, stolen or lost) as well as the validity restrictions in Austria, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Russia.


Temporary derogation for Turkish vehicles due to the Earthquake in Türkiye.

The Member countries are kindly asked to note a temporary exemption to Turkish vehicles in the framework of tachograph controls due to the earthquake in Türkiye.

The Member countries are kindly reminded to refer to Article 2(f) of the AETR agreement, to which all ECMT Member countries are contracting parties.

As indicated in Article 2, “this Agreement shall not apply to international road transport performed by (…):     

(f) Vehicles used in emergencies or rescue operations, including the non-commercial transport of humanitarian  aid”( page 4).

The derogation will apply until 8 May 2023, when the state of emergency will terminate.


Temporary derogations to be extended to the Ukrainian registration lorries: 

  •  Grant and recognise validity extension of the ECMT Certificates of Roadworthiness Test for Motor Vehicles and Trailers issued to the Ukrainian registration lorries until 31 March 2023 (included);  

       This extension refers to the documents which have expired as from 1 February 2022 (included).
       This temporary measure is introduced with an immediate effect as of 10 March 2022.



Contact persons designated by the Member authorities for co-ordinating implementation of the ECMT Quota procedures at national Level  (updated 20 January 2023)


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