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Country Licences

For information about the ECMT licences valid in 2020 please refer toDistribution of Licences by Member Countries as  from 1 January 2020

The following information presents for each country participating in the ECMT Multilateral Quota: the distribution of licences as at 1st January, their current status (issued, cancelled, stolen or lost) as well as the validity restrictions in Austria, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Russia.

Contact persons designated by the member authorities for co-ordinating implementation of the ECMT Quota procedures at national level (updated 16 January 2020)

THE  COUNTRY NOTIFICATIONS ON 2020 ECMT LICENCES WILL NOT BE UPDATED DURING THE HOLIDAY PERIOD. UPDATED LICENCE TABLES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION BY THE COMPETENT AUTHORITIES ONLY AFTER 15 JANUARY 2020. If issues arise during this period please contact the ITF Secretariat (email to:   copy to For urgent cases, call Elene Shatberashvili at: +33 6 18 89 11 61) 

Check for the individual Licence report


14 January 2019