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Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Venice

Cruise Shipping and Urban Development: The Case of Venice

The city of Venice (Italy) is a major cruise destination. Cruise shipping brings in passengers and their money, but also air pollution, visual impacts and concerns about the lagoon. So does the city ultimately benefit from this form of maritime tourism, and is the cruise shipping boom Venice has experienced sustainable? This report aims to bring more clarity to these controversial issues by assessing the various impacts cruise shipping has had in Venice. It analyses policies in place and provides recommendations on how to increase the net benefits from cruise shipping to Venice.

Policy Insights

  • Create certainty about the future of cruise shipping in Venice.
  • Develop a tourism strategy for the city including guidance on which tourists to prioritise.
  • Develop instruments to contain the number of tourists in the city of Venice.
  • Develop an action plan for extracting more value from home port passengers.
  • Give a more structural character to environmental policies that have a discontinuous nature.

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