Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Develop Decarbonising Pathways for Freight Transport: The ITF Approach

ITF organises a pre-kickoff and training workshop, “Develop Decarbonising Pathways for Freight Transport: the ITF approach”. This event marks the start of the IKI programme on Sustainable Infrastructure for Low-carbon Climate Resilient Development in Asia (IKI-SIPA) in the Philippines. Similar events for the national studies in Mongolia and Uzbekistan as a part of the same programme took place in November 2021 and January 2022.

ITF particpants:

  • Guineng Chen: Overall SIPA lead for ITF
  • Maya ter Laag: SIPA Southeast Asia project coordinator
  • John Pritchard: Freight modeller and analyst for the Philippines national study and the Southeast and Central Asia regional studies

Jari Kauppila, ITF’s Head of Secretary-General’s Office, will represent the ITF and hold several bilateral meetings with high-level officials from the government of the Philippines.

In addition, this mission sets the ground for the regional connectivity study for Southeast Asia.

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