Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Diverse voices build the ITF Summit


The ITF Summit is more than an annual event. It is a year-round dialogue that connects diverse voices from the transport sector and beyond. This unique process unites a wide variety of actors towards a common goal: better transport policies for better lives. 

To foster that dialogue, the ITF welcomed over 40 representatives from international organisations in Paris, France, on 28 January 2020. Speaking for interests ranging from finance to pedestrianisation, these stakeholders shared their views on how this year's theme of "transport innovation" can advance their goals. 

Back-to-back with that event, a consultation on "Gender in Transport" (photos) tackled the question of how innovation can help resolve gender inequalities. In his introductory remarks, ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim underlined the importance of evidence-based analysis. "It is important to go beyond ideologies and bring concrete evidence on the importance of gender inclusion in the transport sector”, he hold participants.

The discussions will help build the programme of the ITF's 2020 Summit. The world's premier transport policy event, gathering over 40 ministers and vice-ministers from the ITF's 60 member countries and beyond, will offer three days of debate at the highest level on the role of transport innovation for sustainable development.

Have your say in the future direction of policies that affect our lives: become involved in the ITF Summit.

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