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Enhancing Connectivity and Freight in Central Asia

Enhancing Connectivity and Freight in Central Asia

This report assesses freight connectivity in Central Asia, focusing on Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It provides recommendations for improving connectivity and the policy processes required to achieve this. The report also offers advice on how regional co-ordination can improve freight efficiency and connectivity. The analysis, both qualitative and quantitative, covers questions related to hard infrastructure, policies and regulatory frameworks.

Russian version: Повышение торгово-транспортной связности и развитие грузоперевозок в Центральной Азии

Policy Insights

  • Enhance local connectivity along with improvement of international corridors.
  • Price transit traffic to cover its full costs.
  • Reform road investment and maintenance funding.
  • Pursue private investments for cost efficiency.
  • Support the creation of a modern logistics sector.
  • Institutionalise best practices in transport planning.
  • Set performance standards for customs.
  • Straighten regional and international cooperation.

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