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New online resource for disabled drivers

FIA and ITF launch website with international travel info for motorists with special needs

The FIA Disabled Motoring website is launched today by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in collaboration with the International Transport Forum (ITF):

Over 1 billion people in the world live with some form of disability. In many countries, people with disabilities make up a significant and growing part of the community.

For the huge number among them who need or want to travel by car, finding information about what is available to help them in different regions or countries can be difficult and sometimes impossible.

Non-discrimination laws and policies have reduced barriers to independent mobility, notably the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. However, anyone with a disability needs to be confident before they set out that every stage in a journey will be manageable.

The FIA Disabled Motoring website provides access to information on facilities and options for people with disabilities travelling by car in different countries around the world. It is based on data collected from FIA Member Clubs and ITF Member States around the globe.

The website is also a resource for everyone travelling outside their own country who are unsure about the rules and conditions for disabled drivers. It answers questions such as: “Am I allowed to drive here?”, “Where can I park?”, “Can I rent a car?”.

Falling under the “Diversity and Inclusion” pillar of the #PurposeDriven movement launched by the FIA, the disabled motoring website illustrates how the FIA and its global community of Members are working to improve access to mobility for all road users.

FIA President Jean Todt said:

“For many people with disabilities, the use of their own car is fundamental to their independence. At the FIA, we are committed to ensuring that disabled drivers have the information they need to safely and confidently reach their destination. Together with the ITF, the FIA Community is taking a step further in this direction with the launch of a dedicated website.”

Secretary-General of the ITF Young Tae Kim said:

“This website is a welcome and meaningful step to reduce the many unnecessary hassles that can come with having specific needs. It will help to empower people with disabilities to lead their lives as they wish. The benchmark for a good transport system is whether it provides every one of us with easy access to the things we need in our daily lives.”

FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission President Nathalie McGloin said:

“The Disabled Motoring website will be such a valuable resource for travelling disabled drivers. We’ve been in need of something like this for a long time so I’m very excited that the FIA and ITF have taken the lead on this important subject. I am keen to watch the website develop as we add more scope to what it can offer. But for now, I am looking forward to using this database the next time I drive to Paris for an FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission meeting.”

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