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Policy Directions for Establishing a Metropolitan Transport Authority for Korea's Capital Region

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This report identifies the characteristics of the metropolitan transport authorities (MTAs) in the Barcelona, London and Paris areas that make them effective, and makes recommendations for the establishment of a new MTA in Korea’s capital region. It reviews governance arrangements and responsibilities for strategic planning, investment, data management, public transport services and the management of multi-modal transfer centres. Successfully managing mobility services in metropolitan areas is central to improving accessibility and to the well-being of their populations. The challenges faced include coordinating multiple government and non-government stakeholders, finding an institutional structure that meets the needs of both the urban-core and the larger commuting area, and striking a good balance between the powers of central government and local authorities. These challenges are particularly present in countries in the process of decentralisation. Successful MTAs give local authorities a prominent role in decision-making while maintaining a coherent larger scale vision in planning, policy-making and investment. Strong financial and technical capacity have proved critical.

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Policy Insights

  • Address coordination between jurisdictions at all territorial levels. 
  • Make establishment of the Metropolitan Transport Authority an integral part of decentralisation. 
  • Leverage support of the national government to establish the Metropolitan Transport Authority. 
  • Engage with public opinion to create broad support for the creation of a Metropolitan Transport Authority. 
  • Choose the right scope when defining responsibilities of the new Metropolitan Transport Authority. 
  • Focus on delivery of the government’s priority objectives for transport provision. 
  • Provide the Metropolitan Transport Authority with the necessary technical and financial capacity using fiscal instruments that bring mobility benefits as well as raising funds.

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