Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources



Foreign and national vehicles

Phyto, Veterinary and Sanitary Control Fees

Depending on the nature of the goods

Excess weight charge

60-510 € per transport, depending on the weight of transport

Fuel charge

1000-1500 € per truck in cases where other than taxable fuel (diesel) is used

Note: this does not apply to alternative fuels.

VAT refund

VAT can be refunded when the enterprise only buys in a country, but does not sell.

Foreign vehicles

Vehicle tax

Base tax:

    1) 25 € per truck per day

    2) 15 € per trailer per day

Tax related to consumption:

    1) 0.6 € per kilometre per truck or 225 € per day at minimum

    2) 0.2 € per kilometre per trailer or 85 € per day at minimum

National vehicles

Purchase or registration fees

VAT: 24% of the untaxable price of a vehicle

Vehicle tax

0.022-0.010 € per every beginning 100 kg of total laden mass of a vehicle