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Foreign and national vehicles

Motorways toll

0.21 € (including VAT): average toll per km for Class 4 (trucks)

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Toll fees

Tunnel and bridge tolls

0.81 € (including VAT): average toll per km for Class 4 (trucks)

Fuel tax rebates

Each truck can get a refund on the excise duty on diesel fuel up to 35 000 litres per year. In 2020 the refund rate amounts to 0.1826 € per litre.

Note: The existing fuel tax rebate scheme is equally applicable to national and foreign (i.e. EU) trucks. The regime applies to trucks of more than 35 tons. The trucks have to be licenced for the transport of goods for hire or reward.

Customs fees

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Charge for weighing vehicles

Checking of authorised load weights is carried out during roadside checks. No charge is applied. Breaches to the relevant legislation are subject to fines/penalities.

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

3+2 axles:

    - 787 € with air suspension or equivalent

    - 1002 € with other type of suspension

>= 3+3 axles

    - 748 € with air suspension or equivalent

    - 819 € with other type of suspension

Note: The annual tax on possession of vehicles varies according to:

- the number of axles

- the type of suspension

- the transport type (i.e. transport for hire or reward or transport on own account)

The information provided concerns vehicles registered for the first time as of 2000. For vehicles registered before 2000, check the table here.

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