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Date Update: 
Thursday, 10 October 2019

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Lorries in Europe

4.20 m
2.55 m (1)
Length Lorry or Trailer: 
12 m
Road Train: 
18.75 m (2)
Articulated Vehicle: 
16.50 m


(1) Vehicle at controlled temperatures: 2.60 m.
(2) Specialised road train in transport vehicles (only on motorways, dual carriageways, major roads, regional and municipality roads regulated with the Traffic Regulations): 22 m.

Permissible Maximum Weights of Lorries in Europe

Weight per nondrive axle: 
10 t
Weight per drive axle: 
11.5 t
Lorry 2 axles: 
18 t
Lorry 3 axles: 
25 t (1)
Road Train 4 axles: 
36 t
Road Train 5 axles and +: 
40 t
Articulated Vehicle 5 axles and +: 
40 t (2,3)


(1) The driving axle is fitted and pneumatic suspension or recognised as equivalent to EU level, or each driving axle is fitted with double tyres and the MMA on each axle doesn't exceed 9.5 t; vehicle using alternative fuels: 26 t.
(2) Two-axle motor vehicle with three-axle semi-trailer carrying, in intermodal transport operations, one or more containers or swap bodies, up to a total maximum length of 45 ft: 44 t.
(3) 44 t is applicable for triaxle tractor with a two or triaxle trailer in combined transport transporting the container(s) or if the trailer has been strengthened for unattended transport service or if the trailer has been adapted for interchangeable load compartments, and on highway section A3 Terminal Sežana – Terminal Fernetiči, No. of section 0372.

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Coaches in Europe

2 axles: 
13.50 m
> 2 axles: 
15 m
+ Trailer: 
18.75 m
18.75 m