Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Setting Scenarios for Urban Transport and Related CO2 Measures. Fourth Expert Workshop (ONLINE MEETING)

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The second round of the Decarbonising Transport in Europe project's expert workshops are focusing on defining relevant transport CO2 reduction scenarios. This workshop focuses on urban travel, covering both passenger and freight transport. The workshop takes place online, due to the Covid-19 global health crisis and potentially ongoing related travel restrictions. We are expecting transport experts representing academia, government, NGOs and global industry players to participate. The ITF presents the latest developments on their in-house transport models, including how transport CO2 mitigation measures identified during the previous workshops were incorporated into the models. Workshop participants present insights into their in-house models and scenarios for the future of urban transport, including underlying policy considerations. Participants work in groups on several scenario-building exercises that will provide ITF with relevant inputs and ideas to take forward in the definition of transport CO2 reduction scenarios for Europe that will be established for this project.