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Smart Use of Roads Workshop

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Over the last couple of decades, governments around the world have been seeking policy and investment solutions to meet the ever increasing demand for access and mobility as the world population continues to grow. Rather than focusing on building extra capacity, more efficient solutions can sometimes be found by using existing capacity, where possible and appropriate. The workshop gathered over 30 international experts to explore the innovative use of existing - and adoption of emerging - digital and physical technologies. The workshop also focused on measures to help optimise the use of road capacity, particularly for high-density networks or locations. Secretary-General Young Tae Kim kicked off the Workshop with opening remarks on 29 October and held bilateral talks with Japan's Vice-Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Yasuhiro Shinohara.

The workshop was arranged over three sessions:

  1. Data utilisation for identifying bottlenecks.
  2. The effectiveness of localised capacity measures.
  3. The effectiveness of traffic demand management measures, with a focus on road pricing technologies.

The case studies presented featured an exploration of different road pricing technologies in Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. The final report is available here.

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