Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Schedule of ITF statistics releases for the current year

Quarterly transport statisticsThird quarter current year -131 January
Quarterly transport statisticsFourth quarter current year -131 March
Spending on transport infrastructureData for current year -231 March
Road Safety: Fatalities by age (IRTAD)Data for current year -115 May
Key transport statisticsData for current year -131 May
Statistics Brief Spending on transport infrastructure15 June
Quarterly transport statisticsFirst quarter current year30 June
Quarterly transport statisticsSecond quarter current year30 September
Statistics BriefGlobal trade30 September
Annual transport trendsGoods transport:  Data for current year -131 October
Annual transport trendsPassenger transport: Data for current year -131 October
Annual transport trendsRoad safety: Data for current year -131 October
Statistics BriefAnnual Transport Trends30 November
Transport performance indicatorsData for current year -115 November

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