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Assessing Regulatory Changes in the Transport Sector

25 November 2019

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Briefing for OECD ambassadors

4 November 2019

ITF Secretary-General and ITF staff briefed OECD ambassadors and OECD directors on the work of the...

La Tunisie devient membre du Forum International des Transports

23 May 2019

La Tunisie devient le 60 ème pays membre du Forum International des Transports (FIT). Les ministres...

Tunisia joins the International Transport Forum

27 May 2019

Tunisia has joined the International Transport Forum (ITF) as the organisation’s 60th member....

The Fourth ICAO Air Transport Symposium (IATS/4)

25 April 2019

Air transport has continued to connect states to regional and global markets. It facilitates travel...

Connectivity and City Clusters

29 October 2018

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European Week of Regions and Cities

10 October 2018

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions...

Liberalisation of Air Transport

4 July 2019

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