Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

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Celebrating 30 years of CER

27 August 2020

Young Tae Kim, ITF Secretary-General, will join the panel discussion "30 years of CER and EU...

Air Transport Research Society World Conference

27 August 2020

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim will deliver a keynote address and hold meetings with the...

Zero Value of Time: Roundtable Meeting

27 August 2020

In current transport appraisal practices, travel time is considered as wasted time, representing a...

Understanding Urban Travel Behaviour by Gender for Efficient and Equitable Transport Policies

27 August 2020

Gender is one of the key socio-demographic variables that can influence travel behaviour, but it is...

The Impact of Mega-Ships: The Case of Jakarta

27 August 2020

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L'évaluation ex-post des investissements et interventions publiques dans les transports

28 August 2020

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Capacity Building through Efficient Use of Existing Airport Infrastructure

28 August 2020

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