Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Measuring Integration and Urban Sustainability with Indicators

28 August 2020

This paper proposes a framework to monitor progress towards improved integration in public...

Ex-Post Assessment of Transport Investments and Policy Interventions

28 August 2020

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The Role of the Regulator in Safety Management Systems

28 August 2020

In almost all cases, the transport industry has adopted safety management systems (SMS) in response...

Liberalisation of Air Transport Summary: Policy Insights and Recommendations

28 August 2020

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Human Factors, User Requirements, and User Acceptance of Ride-Sharing in Automated Vehicles

28 August 2020

This paper provides an overview of the social-psychological factors that are likely to influence...

Shared Automated Vehicles: Review of Business Models

28 August 2020

This paper provides an introduction to the current state of vehicle automation and shared mobility...

Introducing Competition in the European Rail Sector

28 August 2020

This paper assesses the impact of European rail transport regulation in the past 25 years. It...

Integrated and Sustainable Urban Transport Roundtable

28 August 2020

Integrating Urban Public Transport Systems and Cycling Roundtable Summary and Conclusions

The Efficiency Impact of Open Access Competition in Rail Markets

28 August 2020

On-track competition in passenger services has traditionally been limited in European railways,with...