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Rail's sustainable chain of mobility

11 December 2018

Railways are an essential part of our transport systems. Rail can competitively transport large...

Is Low-Carbon Road Freight Possible?

7 December 2018

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How to Make Urban Mobility Clean and Green

5 December 2018

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Scaling up Investments in Climate Resilience to meet the needs of Vulnerable People - COP24

10 December 2018

2017 was not only the hottest year on record but also the costliest in terms of damages from severe...

Scaling Up Climate Action in the Transport Sector - COP24

7 December 2018

Live broadcastWhile highlighting the scale and range of climate action in the transport sector,...

Mitigation and Resilience Action Plans for Ports - COP24

29 November 2018

This event is focused on the linkages among oceans, coastal zones and transport in the form of...

Policy Pathways for Decarbonising Transport - COP24

20 December 2018

ITF will organise this official UNFCCC side event jointly with the International Association of...

4th MaaS Market Conference

27 November 2018

5th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight

26 November 2018

Francisco Furtado, Modeller/Analyst at the International Transport Forum will speak in the "...

The Economics of Regulating Ride-Hailing and Dockless Bike Share

27 August 2019

This paper reviews the economic case for regulating ride-hailing and dockless bikeshare. Ride-...