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Sustainability, Environment

Efficiency and Sustainability in Multimodal Supply Chains

19 October 2018

This paper describes approaches in intermodal supply chain management that aim to balance...

Decarbonising Maritime Transport Workshop

22 January 2019

As part of the ITF Decarbonising Transport initiative, this workshop gathered policy makers,...

ITF at COP24

1 March 2019

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46th European Transport Conference

10 October 2018

Jari Kauppila, Head of Statistics and Modelling and Olga Petrik Modeller/Analyst at IT will present...

European Week of Regions and Cities

10 October 2018

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions...

The Billion Dollar Question

9 November 2018

This paper puts numbers on the investment needs for urban transport infrastructure under different...

Policy Priorities for Decarbonising Urban Passenger Transport

23 October 2018

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Balancing Efficiency and Resilience in Multimodal Supply Chains

19 October 2018

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