Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Sustainability, Environment

Modelling International Transport and Related CO2 Mitigation Measures

27 August 2020

This workshop aims to develop a list of priority policy measures for mitigating CO2 emissions from...

Deep emissions reduction for transport

27 August 2020

Currently, foreseeable policies to mitigate transport CO2 are not sufficient to achieve global...

One Planet Summit

27 August 2020

While Africa is responsible for only 4% of global greenhouse-gas emissions, 65% of the African...


27 August 2020

Secretary-General Young Tae Kim leads a strong ITF presence at the 25th Conference of the...

Movin'On: World Summit on Sustainable Mobility: Solutions for Multimodal Ecosystems

27 August 2020

Mary Crass, Head of Institutional Relations and Summit at ITF, participates in the plenary session...

How to Better Reflect Transport in Climate Action Efforts

27 August 2020

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Decarbonising Transport in Europe

27 August 2020

The "Decarbonising Transport in Europe" (DTEU) project aims to help the European Union to achieve...