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Traffic Volume, Usage, Demand

5th ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

18 May 2018

AgendaSummary RecordMeeting PresentationsAgenda Item 3. Transport Infrastructure Investment and...

Integrating Urban Public Transport Systems and Cycling

23 October 2018

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1st ITF Meeting on Transport Statistics

3 January 2018

AgendaSummary Record of the MeetingItem 1. Objectives of the MeetingThe International Transport...

2nd ITF Meeting on Transport Statistics

17 January 2018

AgendaSummary Record of the MeetingMeeting Documents and PresentationsAgenda Item 3. Transport...

ITF work on Shared Mobility

12 December 2019

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Social Impacts of Time and Space-Based Road Pricing Roundtable

29 October 2018

Road pricing still remains highly controversial in public debates despite the strong consensus...

The ITF Modelling Framework

21 November 2019

The International Transport Forum has developed a set of modelling tools to build its own forward-...