Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Sea Transport

Air Freight Volumes Indicate Slowing Growth in the Second Quarter 2015

10 May 2017

The latest update of global freight data collected by the International Transport Forum at the OECD...

A New Hinterland Rail Link for the Port of Koper?

10 May 2017

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Shipping and Climate Change: Where are we and which way forward?

10 May 2017

The greenhouse gas emissions of shipping are considerable. They would need to halve by 2050 for...

Intermodal Transport: National Peer Review - Turkey

29 January 2018

Turkey is growing fast, owing mainly to rapidly increasing trade. In order to facilitate this trade...

Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets

10 November 2017

Large-scale port projects have irreversible effects on land use and multiple impacts on the local...

Global Transport Trends In Perspective

10 May 2017

This Statistics Brief describes longer-term developments in the different transport modes, as...


10 May 2017


10 May 2017