Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Teleworking for better transport

Since Monday, 16 February, ITF staff are working remotely under restrictions put in place by the French government to contain the spread of Covid-19. Despite this, the ITF Secretariat will continue to be available for you without significant limitations.

To prepare for restrictions, ITF carried out a stress test exercise on 13 March where all staff teleworked simultaneously to test systems and workflows. All ITF staff are equipped with laptops, remote VPN (virtual private network) access to servers, as well as software that facilitates remote working and teleconferencing. ITF also uses an IP (internet protocol) telephone system so that staff are reachable via their regular office number even when not physically present in the office.

ITF's Road Transport Group, which allocates licenses for pan-European haulage in 43 member countries under the Multilateral Quota, has created a special web space for updates on measures introduced in European countries in light of Covid-19. Delegates for the postponed Transport Research Committee's 7th Session meeting were provided with presentations on the status of different areas of ITF research via the secure website. 

Slightly delayed responses to queries due to the added complexity of workflows cannot be totally excluded, however, and we ask for your understanding should this be the case.

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