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Transport Climate Action Directory: Endorsements

Transport Climate Action Directory


"The International Transport Forum's TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY is a key tool for moving from ambition to climate action - our most urgent challenge in climate policy today.

Governments now have a new resource to help them choose mitigation and adaptation measures that work in their specific context and that support their objectives.

I hope that many countries will make use of the TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY when they revise their NDCs this year.

The International Transport Forum's TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY is a milestone for integrated climate policy and a trailblazer for a broader, cross-sectoral approach to combatting climate change.

I commend the Decarbonising Transport initiative and its more than 70 partners led by the International Transport Forum, for their exemplary effort in creating this tool.

The UNFCCC endorses the TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY for use by governments, the private sector and all climate stakeholders in their quest to implement the most effective transport climate policies and measures."

Patricia Espinosa
Executive Secretary, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

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"Supportive policy is critical for companies to implement their roadmaps to decarbonise freight. The TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY will give governments handles to make sure that this happens."

Sophie Punte
Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre

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"More effective, context-based, and responsible actions through TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY. A great step forward to help global communities move toward transport"

Jaehak Oh
President, Korea Transport Institute (KOTI)

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"The TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY provides an excellent tool kit to manage traffic-related supply and demand for both national and municipal decision makers.”

Georg Kapsch
CEO, Kapsch TrafficCom AG

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"Research is necessary to form climate policy of the future. ECTRI supports the TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY".

Gunnar Lindberg
Decarbonizing Task Force, European Conference of Transport Research Institutes (ECTRI)

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“Policy makers need to be aware of all the options to decarbonise the sector. The TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY provides an authoritative overview built up with industry and academia.”

Lori Tavasszy
Professor of Freight and Logistics, Delft University of Technology, NL

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"CER welcomes ITF's new tool and hopes it will help guide policymakers to accelerate the shift to clean modes like rail. European railways have made pledges for the EU Climate Pact and support ambitious transport decarbonisation."

Libor Lochman
Executive Director, Community of European Railways (CER)

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“Moving towards greener and smarter mobility is a global challenge. We are proud to have contributed to the TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY, helping transport authorities to identify the most promising solutions, adapted to their local context, to reach this objective.”

Thierry Best
Chief Commercial Officer, Alstom

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“To precisely gauge progress on climate change mitigation, our
research must be current with the thousands of country-, region-, and city-level policies that affect the transport sector, its energy use, and its GHG emissions.

The TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION helps policymakers understand and choose measures. It also provides a thorough, valuable, systematic tool for researchers to count and classify real-world actions, helping to measure how local actions are adding up to global decarbonisation.”

Paul Natsuo Kishimoto
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

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“Technological innovations will be key drivers for the digitalisation and decarbonisation of transport. As global leader in automotive chips, we’re committed to support governments in accelerating these transitions. And we’re convinced the pace of the transitions can really benefit from the TRANSPORT CLIMATE ACTION DIRECTORY!”

Lars Reger
Chief Technology Officer, NXP Semiconductors

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"It’s great to be part of this outstanding decarbonization initiative and to support it with the knowledge and technology needed to describe the impacts of concrete measures to optimize mobility and transportation for a cleaner and smarter future."

Christian U. Haas
CEO of PTV Group 

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