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Understanding Consumer Vehicle Choice

A New Car Fleet Model for France
Understanding Vehicle Consumer Choice

This report presents a model that helps to better understand how consumers in France choose their cars. It presents the results for different scenarios for the future development of the French vehicle fleet and projections for related CO2 emissions to 2050. The model distinguishes conventional, plug-in hybrid, battery-electric and fuel cell cars. It looks at the privately-owned as well as company car fleets and considers non-monetary factors for vehicle choice. Among these are personal preferences, the availability of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and policy incentives such as subsidies or preferential vehicle use rights. The methodology and the data used for this new passenger car fleet model are described in detail.

This report is part of the Decarbonising Transport initiative

Policy Insights

  • Target the company car market to boost the uptake of electric vehicles.
  • Address non-monetary factors in vehicle purchase decisions.
  • Use stated preference surveys to improve understanding of consumer choices

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