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Urban Road Safety Measures: Junctions treatments, streets design and improved mobility options

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

As part of the Safer City Streets initiative, the International Transport Forum (ITF) organized two workshops to create a forum that enabled the exchange between members and partners of the ITF Safer City Streets network. The ITF presented their research on Urban Road Safety Measures that have proven effective in reducing road traffic deaths and serious injuries in cities. City representatives and FIA automobile clubs shared their experience and discussed the presented measures.

This second workshop focused on junction treatments in Fortaleza (Brazil), street design in Guadalajara (Mexico) and improved mobility options in Bogotá (Colombia). The debate was chaired by the State of Jalisco (Mexico). Other participants were present from partner organisations such as the World Resources Institute and iRAP, as well as several FIA automobile clubs from Guatemala, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Argentina.

The aim of this meeting was to share experiences with different road safety intervention on the local level and to build consensus around the measures featured in the forthcoming ITF publication on Street Design and Traffic management solutions.


Chair: Saul Alveano Aguerrebere, State of Jalisco

1) Junction treatments and street design

- Dominic Streuber, International Transport Forum: ITF findings on junction treatments and street design

- Caio Assunção Torres, Fortaleza Traffic and Citizenship Authority: Safe Junctions program in Fortaleza

- Jesus Soto Morfin, Municipality of Guadalajara: Street design interventions in Guadalajara

- Plenary discussion of measures

2) Allocating protected space for walking and cycling

- Dominic Streuber, International Transport Forum: ITF findings on improved mobility options

- Claudia Mercado Velandia, Secretaría Distrital de Movilidad, Bogotá: Effects of Public transport on Road Safety

- Siba El-Samra, World Resources Institute: Street Geometry and Safety around Bus Rapid Transit

- Plenary discussion of measures

3) Other measures and initiatives

- Leandro Perillo, FIA Office Region IV: Star Rating For Schools programme

- Discussion and other inputs 

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