Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

10th ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting


Item 2. Measuring Emerging Mobility Patterns: Shared and non-Motorised Modes

2.1 Findings of "ITF Task Force on Collecting Data on Emerging Mobility Patterns". Presentation by Rachele POGGI, ITF

2.2 Shared Two-Wheelers: a Pleasure or a Burden? Shared and Active Mobility Data Available in the Netherlands. Presentation by Marly ODEKERKEN-SMEETS, CBS, the Netherlands

Item 3. Exploiting Railway Data to Advance Sustainable Practices

3.1 Task Force on Standard Inputs for Economic Analyses for Rail. Presentation by Giacomo POTENZA, ERA

3.2 Rail Sustainability Index. Presentation by Snejana MARKOVIC-CHENAIS and Alice FAVRE, UIC

3.3 Potential New Indicators on Rail Transport. Presentation by Yaroslav KHOLODOV, ITF

Item 5. Roundtable: Used Vehicles Data

5.1 Challenges with the Data Used in the ITF Report "New but Used". Presentation by Matteo CRAGLIA and Andreas KOPF, ITF

Item 7. Definition Update: non-Motorised Transport Infrastructure, EV Charging Stations

7.1 Streamlining of the Common Questionnaire. Presentation by Alain GALLAIS, Eurostat

7.2 Non-Motorised Transport Infrastructure: Proposal for new Definitions. Presentation by Rachele POGGI, ITF

7.3 EV Charging Station: Definitions and Data. Presentation by Fadiah ACHMADI, UNECE

Item 8. Challenges and Innovation in Transport Data Collection and Measurement

8.1 Update of the 2019 Handbook on Internalisation of External Costs. Presentation by Iuliana LUPU, European Commission - DG MOVE

8.2 Methodological Aspects for Passenger Mobility Analysis using Big Data. Presentation by Giovanna ASTORI, ISTAT, and Mario TARTAGLIA, FSI, Italy

8.3 Electric Vehicles: Kilometrage and Charging Patterns - Quick Survey. Presentation by Orit YALON SHUQRUN, CBS, Israel

8.4 Big Data and AI to Analyse Mobility in Spain. Presentation by Tania GULLÓN MUÑOZ-REPISO, Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, Spain

Item 9. ITF's Data and Statistics Activities

9.1 Presentation of ITF Data and Statistics Work. Presentation by Diego BOTERO and Xiaotong ZHANG, ITF

9.2 The French Transport Satellite Account. Presentation by Pierre AMOROS, Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, France

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