Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

ITF at COP25

#ClimateAction can change our lives for the better. Human activity is the main cause of climate change. It is also the source of the solution. By focusing on 5 economic sectors, we can tackle up to 90% of emissions. Transport is one of these sectors.

Here are 5 transport climate actions to help decision makers deliver their climate commitments. 

  1. Scale-up research, production and use of zero-emission fuels.

  2. Create conditions that encourage the maximum use of transport capacity.

  3. Set prices to encourage sustainable passenger mobility and freight transport.

  4. Make low-carbon transport the default for public sector decision-making.

  5. Share knowledge about tested measures that reduce transport emissions.

Raise ambitions, take action! Read our COP25 summary

Climate change cannot be stopped without decarbonising transport. ITF had a strong presence at COP25 as a transport focal point for the UNFCCC and (co)organiser of key transport events. Our work on how decision makers can deliver on their climate commitments was presented through a series of events as well as an online campaign. 

All COP25 side events are live streamed at this link

4 - 10 December: Joint exhibition stand of the OECD, ITF and IEA at Booth No. 9

4 December: Transport Mitigation Actions in Cities (COP25 Official Side Event)

5 December: ITF Transport Outlook 2019: Meet the author (at the Exhibit Stand - Booth No. 9)

5 December: Meet the Secretary-General (at the Exhibit Stand - Booth No. 9)

5 December: Spotlight on the ITF Summit 2020 “Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development” (at the Exhibit Stand - Booth No. 9)

6 December: Global Dialogue for Sustainable Transport: National Pathways and Transport Actions (Chilean COP Presidency "Transport Day"). See session summary.

7 December: Gender and Sustainable, Low-carbon Transport (MP-GCA-Climate Action Hub)

7 December: More Ambitious Climate Actions for Low Carbon, Resilient and Inclusive Transport (MP-GCA Transport Action Event)