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Motorway Safety in Korea

Learning From International Best Practice for an Action Plan to 2030

Motorway crashes kill over 200 people in Korea each year. This report reviews international best practices in motorway safety across ten countries to inform ways to make Korea’s motorways safer. Matching the average safety performance observed across Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom would halve the number of motorway deaths. The report offers recommendations for an action plan to 2030, also taking into account the expected uptake of connected and automated vehicles.

Policy Insights

  • Develop a proactive approach to motorway safety.
  • Promote work-related road safety in road haulage companies and in other sectors.
  • Review the cost-benefit evaluation of road safety investment.
  • Create an observatory to map and monitor unsafe situations and behaviours.
  • Review the legal and operational frameworks for speed enforcement.
  • Set high vehicle safety standards inspired by those developed in the European Union.
  • Upgrade the physical and digital infrastructure for the adoption of connected and automated driving.
  • Set guidance and standards for the rapid deployment of Co‑operative-ITS services in Korea.
  • The KEC should invest in solutions that protect road users, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

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