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Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Road Safety

Global consensus achieved for road safety

27 February 2020

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IRTAD Group meets in Germany

24 October 2019

The ITF's permanent working group on road safety met in Germany from 22 to 24 October, hosted by...

Advancing Asian road safety

25 March 2019

Measuring road safety performance is essential to be able to follow progress regarding the road...

Reaching lasting results for global road safety

4 September 2019

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Smart technology at "Valeo Vision"

29 January 2019

CO2 emissions reduction and the development of intuitive driving are at the core of Valeo Group's "...

Learning from data for better road safety policies

17 January 2019

Good data is essential for developing good road safety policies. Learning from data was...

Tackling Africa's road safety crisis

20 March 2019

20% of global road deaths occur in Africa, although the continent only has 2% of the world's...

Implementing transport-related Sustainable Development Goals

9 October 2018

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim welcomed Rob McInerney, International Road Assesment ...

High-level action for road safety

30 October 2018

Secretary-General Young Tae Kim highlighted ITF's work towards the creation of regional road...

Policy Seminar on Improving Transport Safety in ASEAN Countries

21 June 2018

ASEAN countries are experiencing strong economic growth. However, there are concerns about the...