Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

The Economic Benefits of Improved Accessibility to Transport Systems Roundtable

Presentation: National Issues in the USA in Economic Development, Mobility and Income InequalityPresented by Alan E. Pisarski, 3 April 2016
Presentation: Balancing Financial Sustainability and Affordability in Public Transport: The Case of Bogota, ColombiaPresented by Camilia Rodríguez Hernández (The World Bank) and Tatiana Peralta Quiros (The World Bank), 4 April 2016
Presentation: Perspectives for Integrating Housing Location Considerations and Transport Planning as a Means to Face Social Exclusion in Indian CitiesPresented by Geetam Tiwari (IIT Delhi), 3 April 2016
Presentation: Housing Plus Transportation Affordability Indices: Uses, Opportunities, and ChallengesPresented by Erick Guerra (UPenn) and Mariel Kirschen (UPenn), 3 April 2016
Presentation: Is Congestion Pricing Fair?Presented by Jonas Eliasson, 3 April 2016
Presentation: Accessibility and Equity: The Case of Santiago de ChilePresented by Ignacio Tiznado, Ricardo Hurtubia and Juan Carlos Muños, 4 April 2016