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Foreign and national vehicles

Time-based charge for use of the roads/motorways

Eurovignettes (rates for Euro VI vehicles)

    Annual rate: 9302 DKK / 1248.34 €

    Monthly rate (only for foreign vehicles): 930 DKK / 124.81 €

    Weekly rate (only for foreign vehicles): 245 DKK / 32.88 €

    Daily rate (only for foreign vehicles): 89 DKK / 11.94 €

Tunnel and bridge tolls

Great Belt Fixed Link (including VAT)

    - 960 DKK / 128.83 €

    - green trucks (Euronorm VI, electric or hydrogen): 835 DKK / 112.06 €

Øresund Fixed Link (excluding VAT)

    - cash payment: 1256 DKK / 168.56 €

    - Øresund Business (dependent upon number of trips per year): 467-550 DKK / 62.67-73.81 €

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

Motor vehicle tax/vehicle excise duty: 2514 DKK / 337.38 €

Note: this is valid for vehicles with air suspension paying the time based road user charge.

Tax/surcharge on insurance

42.9% of the premium

Note: for vans and heavy goods vehicles the tax is only paid by vehicles performing own account operations.

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