Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources



Foreign and national vehicles

Motorways tolls

Tolls of motorways and Bosphorus bridges

Additional information

OGS (Automatic Toll Collection System)

HGS (Fast-Pass System)

Excess weight charge

4623.3 TL / 229.24 €

Additional information

Special freight transport certificate

Charge for weighing vehicles

120 TL / 5.95 €

Phyto, veterinary and sanitary control fees

Table with fees

Foreign vehicles

Transit fees

Collected on a reciprocal basis

Bulgarian vehicles pay 43 € for one way in transit pass (except for operation made with ECMT licences)

Georgian vehicles pay 113 $ for one way in transit pass

Tax/surcharge on insurance

250 € for a period of 15 days in case the vehicle does not have a valid insurance

National vehicles

Annual tax on possession of vehicle

11544 TL / 572.4 €

Purchase or registration taxes

2256.65 TL / 118.89 €

Tax/surcharge on insurance

14000 TL / 694.18 €