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Foreign and national vehicles

Kilometre charge

Trucks with or without trailers and tractors with or without semi-trailers (up to 40 tonnes inclusive): 0.04 € per kilometre

Heavy vehicles (over 40 tonnes inclusive): 0.2 € per kilometre

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Dangerous goods charge

1) Registration and issuance of documents for the approval of routes: 95 UAH / 2.41 €

2) Issuance of a driver training certificate: 78 UAH / 1.98 €

3) Training of an authorised person: 75 UAH / 1.91 €

4) Issuance of a certificate of admission of a vehicle for transportation: 93 UAH / 2.36 €

5) Escort by the National Police: 9 UAH / 0.23 € per kilometre

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Customs fee

A single fee is levied at checkpoints across the state border of Ukraine and includes a fee for the restoration of highways, phytosanitary, veterinary and sanitary, state control and official control by customs: 20 € per vehicle unit

Excess weight charge

1) Exceeding the permissible axle loads: from 0.1 to 0.3 € for each kilometre, depending on the percentage of excess

2) Exceeding the total mass: 0.4 € for each kilometre

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Phyto, veterinary and sanitary control fees

1) Inspection of the veterinary and sanitary state of the vehicle: 84.8 UAH / 2.16 €

2) Issuance of a phytosanitary certificate for re-export of a consignment: 45.3 UAH / 1.15 €

3) Quarantine certificate for a consignment: 38.8 UAH / 0.99 €

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Foreign vehicles

Transit charge or over-stay fee

Fines are envisaged for the violation of the terms of movement of commercial vehicles in the customs regime of temporary import: from UAH 850 / 21.6 € up to 170000 UAH / 4321 €, depending on the violation of stay

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National vehicles

Purchase or registration taxes

1) Customs duty

It applies to the import of vehicles from EU countries. In 2022 truck tractors are subject to customs duty rates within the framework of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Zone:

    - new trucks: 0%

    - used trucks: 0%

    - tank trailers and semi-trailers: 0%

    - new flatbed semi-trailers, tilt semi-trailers, refrigerated semi-trailers, container semi-trailers: 0%

    - used semi-trailers: 0%

2) Excise

Groups of goods of the Ukrainian classification of goods for foreign economic activity (truck tractors, trailers and semi-trailers) are not excisable goods, except trailers and semi-trailers of the type of trailed houses): 109 €

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3) Value Added Tax: 20%

4) Fee for vehicle registration

- Vehicle produced abroad (service + licence plate + certificate form): 550 UAH / 13.98 €, 460 UAH / 11.69 € for trailer

- Vehicle produced in Ukraine (service + licence plate + certificate form): 590 UAH / 15 €, 490 UAH / 12.46 € for trailer

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