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Access, Inclusion

The connected mobility future

18 February 2019

[caption align="right"][/caption]In preparation for the 2019 Summit, ITF Secretary-General Young...

Shaping the future of connectivity

8 February 2019

How can better transport connectivity help integrate regions - from local communities and cities to...

Hiring and Retaining a Gender-diverse Workforce. ITF Corporate Partnership Board Workshop

22 February 2019

[caption caption="Photo: UK Department for Transport" align="right"][[{"fid":"44140","view_mode":"...

Scaling up Investments in Climate Resilience to meet the needs of Vulnerable People - COP24

10 December 2018

2017 was not only the hottest year on record but also the costliest in terms of damages from severe...

Aarhus On The Move

28 November 2018

How to attract women to the transport sector? Conference

26 November 2018

This event will gather 250 representatives from companies and employers’ organisations, transport...

European Week of Regions and Cities

10 October 2018

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions...

World Summit on Accessible Tourism - "Destinations for All"

27 September 2018

Mary Crass, ITF Head of Institutional Relations and Summit, joins the session on "Availability...