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Access, Inclusion

COP25 MP-GCA Transport Action Event. Gender and Sustainable, Low-carbon Transport

28 November 2019

15:00-15:45. Climate Action Hub. Wei-Shiuen Ng (Advisor - Sustainable Transport and Global...

Women's Forum Global Meeting 2019

20 November 2019

Action on air pollution - from burning fossil fuels for transport, electricity, and other sources...

Transport Innovations from the Global South

6 November 2019

[caption align="right"][/caption]This report seeks to open new perspectives for discussing and...

Transport Connectivity: A Gender Perspective

30 October 2019

[caption align="right"][[{"fid":"46040","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","...

Accessibility and Transport Appraisal Roundtable

25 October 2019

Conventional transport appraisal methods focus on connectivity or mobility-based measures (travel...

Connecting Remote Communities

12 September 2019

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Promoting responsible business and human rights in global trade

14 June 2019

The focus of international trade and investment policy has been broadening in recent years beyond a...

ITF connectivity work showcased at OSJD

6 June 2019

ITF Secretary-General Young Tae Kim brought insights from ITF's work on connectivity to the...

Mov'eo Imagine Mobility Conference

4 June 2019

Katja Schechtner, Advisor - Innovation and Technology at ITF speaks on two panels on future...