Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Access, Inclusion

Dimensions of Accessibility Benefits

28 November 2020

This paper addresses the problem of involuntary social exclusion resulting from mobility...

Measuring Accessibility

23 November 2020

This paper discusses the current state of transport accessibility measurement. It demonstrates that...

A People-Centred Approach to Accessibility

29 November 2020

This paper discusses two variants of the accessibility paradigm for transport planning. The...

The Accessibility Shift

29 November 2020

This paper explores conceptual barriers to shifting the foundation of transport planning from...

Accessibility and Transport Appraisal

29 November 2020

This paper describes the different approaches to measuring accessibility benefits and the...

Reconciling Accessibility Benefits with User Benefits

12 November 2020

This paper asks whether transport policy assessments should use accessibility benefits as a key...

Accessibility and Transport Appraisal

2 December 2020

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Cars and Space Consumption

26 October 2020

This paper discusses the importance of reducing the space consumption of car traffic as...

Zero Car Growth: A Challenge for Transport Justice

26 October 2020

This paper discusses the challenges to transport justice in the context of zero-car-growth policies...

Mobility-as-a-Service for Japanese Rural Areas: Policies and projects (Webinar)

27 August 2020

Facing serious population decline and an aging society, Japan struggles to maintain public...