Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources
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Access, Inclusion


27 August 2020

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Connecting Remote Communities Roundtable

27 August 2020

How to ensure adequate transport links for sparsely populated regions.This Roundtable explores...

Connecting Remote Communities Roundtable meeting

27 August 2020

The Roundtable will:Examine the factors that matter to adequately connect small, remote communities...

Improving Transport Planning and Investment Through the Use of Accessibility Indicators

27 August 2020

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Two ITF staff honoured as "Remarkable Women in Transport"

27 August 2020

Two ITF staff are among 40 "Remarkable Women in Transport". Mary Crass and Sharon Masterson ...

"Gender in Transport" workstream launched by ITF Corporate Partnership Board

27 August 2020

Women make up only 22% of the transport workforce in Europe. In the Asia-Pacific region, their...

Gender Workstream of the Corporate Partnership Board

27 August 2020

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Gender Equality and Sustainable Infrastructure

27 August 2020

This event aims to advance our understanding of how infrastructure strategies, policies and...

ITF work on Gender in Transport

12 October 2020

[caption align="right"][/caption]Transport plays an important role in providing access to...

The connected mobility future

27 August 2020

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