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Better policies for intelligent transport!

30 October 2018

We are witnessing a fundamental shift in transport thinking. For centuries, transport has...

Safer City Streets

15 March 2019

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ITF work on Shared Mobility

1 March 2019

[caption align="right"][/caption]How can cities reduce the negative impacts of car traffic without...

Global Mobility Report launched

1 February 2018

The transport sector is not on track towards achieving sustainable mobility, according to the new...

New Shared Mobility Study on Helsinki Confirms Ground-breaking Lisbon Results

29 November 2017

Replacing private car traffic with new shared mobility services in urban areas dramatically reduces...

Human Factors, User Requirements, and User Acceptance of Ride-Sharing in Automated Vehicles

27 July 2017

This paper provides an overview of the social-psychological factors that are likely to influence...

Effective Transport Policies for Corporate Mobility Management

29 January 2018

Many companies and other large employers have put in place initiatives to address the traffic-...

Pedestrian Safety, Urban Space and Health

22 January 2018

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