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Improving Transport Accessibility for All: Guide to Good Practice

Making transport vehicles and infrastructure more accessible to everyone continues to be both an important objective and a major challenge for transport authorities, operators and service providers worldwide.

Accessibility has long been considered as a transport concern only for individuals with particular mobility diffi culties. But it is now increasingly recognized as an integral part of high-quality, sustainable transport systems, with benefi ts accruing to all clients.

Much has been done to improve the accessibility of transport systems in recent years. One of the key factors in progress has been the indispensable exchange of experience – both good and less successful – among countries having committed to working towards better accessibility.

The ECMT has prepared this Guide to Good Practice in order to facilitate such an exchange of experience. It addresses both countries where improvements to accessibility are under way, and those that are just now making that commitment.

With examples from recent experience in a wide range of countries, this Guide updates the ECMT’s 1999 Guide, pointing to areas where progress has been made as well as to those where challenges persist.

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