Transport and Covid-19: responses and resources

Transport, Trade And Tourism: 2015 Summit Highlights in Pictures

Trade and tourism are two unparalleled global success stories. They are creating the wealth of nations and created ties that bind people around the globe. The key enabler of that phenomenal success is, and will continue to be, transport.

Transport faces enormous challenges in that role today: challenges in responding to growing and shifting trade flows. Challenges in preparing for shocks to supply chains as natural disasters become more frequent and serious. Challenges, not least, in balancing mobility with sustainability as the number of travellers increases and global trade expands further still.

The interrelationships between the “three Ts”, Transport, Trade and Tourism, and how they can be made more productive are of concern to leaders who shape policy and drive business everywhere. Almost 1 100 of them, from 66 nations and including 35 ministers and vice ministers, came to Leipzig in Germany in the last week of May to explore the future of transport trade and tourism at the 2015 Summit of the International Transport Forum.

The 2015 Summit Highlights in Pictures brochure shows the event in all its diversity and scope. 

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