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7th IRTAD Conference: Better Road Safety Data for Better Safety Outcomes

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Declaration of the Conference


The 7th IRTAD Conference focused on improvements in the quality of data systems and data analysis in IRTAD and other countries as an essential way to build and monitor strong road safety policies in the Decade 2021-30.


The Conference was jointly organised by the International Transport Forum with the Université Gustave Eiffel, CEREMA, ONISR and ENTPE.

Opening session

Crash causation. Fred Wegman, Chairman of IRTAD

Road safety data analysis to inform policy decision making. Manuelle Salathé, Observatoire national interministériel de la securité routière (ONISR), France

Building capacity for improved road safety data in low and middle income countries. Veronica Raffo, World Bank

Data driven road safety strategies

Implementing the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 - the need for different data. Kacem Iaych, World Health Organization (WHO)

Creating a cultural maturity model to assess Safe System readiness within road safety organisations. Tanya Fosdick, Agilysis, United Kingdom

The use of crash data in an Indian State to develop Safe System solutionsJohn Fletcher, TRL, United Kingdom

The use of data for a better road control policy: the case of MoroccoBilal Dafa, National Road Safety Agency, Morocco

Assessment of road safety measures

Speed cameras in Sweden. Effects on speed and traffic safetyAnna Vadeby, VTI, Sweden

Urban road safety policies: how to measure and evaluate. Florian Vanco, Cerema, France

Car driving licences for 17 years old - road safety effects in FinlandRiika Rajamäki, Traficom, Finland

Assessing the acceptability of an innovative safety system to warn road users of wrong way drivingCatherine Roy, Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (APRR), France, and Alexis Bacelar, Cerema, France

Serious road traffic injuries

The Rhône road trauma registryCeline Vernet and Jean Louis Martin, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

Estimating the number of seriously injured road users using the national hospital data, France, 2010-2019Emmanuelle Amoros, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

Estimating the number of serious injuries in the United StatesChou Lin Chen, National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA), United States

Linking a road trauma registry and hospital discharge data to improve the ICD-AIS mapping, France, 2015-2021Mélanie Yvroud, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

Severely injured cyclists: analysis of Belgian hospital data for 2016-2020. Heike Martensen, VIAS, Belgium

Management of road safety data

The global safety database as an objective metadata platform for the worldwide analysis of road safety approaches on the way to Vision ZeroMichael Wagner, Forschungsvereinigung Automobiltechnik e.V. (FAT), Germany

Underreporting of road traffic deaths in Senegal. Kacem Iaych, World Health Organization (WHO)

Data-driven road safety: developing a systematic framework for proactive and comprehensive road safety management. Sofia Salek de Braun, PTV Group TO COME

Progress in UK road safety statistics: the development of statistics on drug-drivingMike Dark, Department for Transport (DfT), United Kingdom

Crash causation and risk factors

FLAM: a database for the identification of causal factors in French fatal crashesBenoit Hiron, Cerema, France

Identifying roads with 75% of travel in LMICs. Craig Smith, Agilysis, United Kingdom

Female crash fatality risk relative to males for similar physical impactsChou Lin Chen, National Highway Traffic Safety Agency (NHTSA), United States

Accident risk indicators: methods and resultsFlorian Vanco, Cerema, France, and Malo Quancard, Observatoire national interministériel de la securité routière (ONISR), France

Influence of driver age and road class on German accident typeWalter Niewohner, DEKRA, Germany

Vulnerable road users

Aggravating factors for crashes between passenger cars and vulnerable road users. Heike Martensen, VIAS, Belgium

Is the cyclist still dafe at roundabouts? Erik Donkers, VIA Software, Netherlands

The improvement of cyclists' conspicuity in urban environments, with safety messages for car driversJoceline Rogé, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

Project SABRINA: Bicycle Route Assessment for Cyclists' safety across the Danube region Euro-Velo routesGeorge Ursachi, Agile Transport Analysis, Romania

New mobility and road safety

A comparison of crash, person, and environment characteristics between electric and conventional vehiclesKira Hyldekær Janstrup, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), Denmark

Data for evidence: overcoming the problem of insufficient information on accidents involving new forms of active mobility by generating specific data as a basis for evidence-based analyses. The example of accidents with eletric byciclesTobias Panwinkler, Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt), Germany

Accident involvement of personal mobility devices in LyonAnne-Sarah Bernagaud, Cerema, France

Typology of risky situation involving a personal mobility device in Île-de-FranceClément Lavardet, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

E-scooters in Germany - Accident development and challengesJacqueline Lacroix, Deutscher Verkehrssicherheitsrat e.V. (DVR), Germany

Local and regional road safety observatories

Regional observatory learnings on improving country road safety data managementDave Shelton, Asian Development Bank

Western Balkans Road Safety Observatory (WBRSO): challenges and opportunitiesLiljana Çela, Transport Community

Road safety monitoring centres in Italy: the case of the Lazio RegionDavide Shingo Usami, Universitá La Sapienza, Italy

Crash data systems within the Eastern Partnership Road Safety ObservatoryKaterina Folla, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

The IRTAD/World Bank guidelines for conducting road safety data reviewsGilles Duchamp, Cerema, France

Road safety performance indicators

The Baseline project: a European framework for measuring road safety performance indicatorsPeter Silverans, VIAS, Belgium

Collection of key performance indicators for road safety in GreeceKaterina Folla, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

Road safety key performance indicatorsJenny Carson, European Transport Safety Council (ETSC)

Setting priority measures to meet targets and KPIs: the Greek national road safety plan 2021-2030. George Yannis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

Social costs of road accidents in ItalyLucia Pennisi, Automobile Club Italia (ACI), Italy

Analysis of road safety data

How to use historic accident data for a reliable assessment of traffic safety measurementsLisa Sulzberger, Robert Bosch, Germany

Traffic fatalities during the Covid-19 pandemic: a time-series analysisChristos Katrakazas, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

Linked police and health data: how to apply capture-recapture to correct for under-reporting and bias. Emmanuelle Amoros, Université Gustave Eiffel, France

GB road safety performance indexRichard Owen, Agylisis, United Kingdom

Road safety data collection: new methods, new sources

Using computer vision on crowdsourced streetview data to register safety performance indicators for motorcyclistsFredrik Hüttel, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU), Denmark

Driver behaviour KPIs through smartphone telematics - The BeSmart projectGeorge Yannis, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece

A fresh approach to web scraping of news sites for in-depth studies of crashesRob Decae, SWOV, Netherlands

Identifying high risk routes for coach travel using collision records, telematics devices, and vehicle sensorsLyndsey Owen, Agilysis, United Kingdom

Scientific Committee

Members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Jindrich Fric (Czech Republic, CDV)
  • Laurent Carnis (France, Université Gustave Eiffel)
  • Dominique Mignot (France, Université Gustave Eiffel)
  • Henri Chajmowicz (France, LAB PSA Renault)
  • Susanne Schönebeck (Germany, Bast)
  • George Yannis (Greece, NTUA)
  • Fred Wegman (Netherlands, Delft University of Technology) 
  • Tanya Fosdick (United Kingdom, Agilysis)
  • Chou-Lin Chen (United States, NHTSA)
  • Veronique Feypell (ITF), Stephen Perkins (ITF), Rachele Poggi (ITF) 

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