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Date Update: 
Thursday, 10 October 2019

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Lorries in Europe

4 m
2.55 m (1)
Length Lorry or Trailer: 
12 m
Road Train: 
18.75 m
Articulated Vehicle: 
16.50 m


Under specific conditions EMS (European Modular System) combinations may have a maximum length of 25.25 m and a maximum weight of 60 t. Domestic transport of 45 ft containers is accepted with combinations of vehicles (tractor – trailer – container) of maximum length of 17.27 m. The maximum overhang of the container to the rear of the semi-trailer shall not exceed 0.77 m. The maximum overhang of the container to the (rear) underrun protection shall not exceed 0.40 m.
(1) Vehicle at controlled temperatures: 2.60 m.

Permissible Maximum Weights of Lorries in Europe

Weight per nondrive axle: 
10 t
Weight per drive axle: 
12 t
Lorry 2 axles: 
19 t (1)
Lorry 3 axles: 
26 t (1)
Road Train 4 axles: 
39 t (2,3,4)
Road Train 5 axles and +: 
44 t (5,6,7,8,9)
Articulated Vehicle 5 axles and +: 
44 t (5,9,10)


(1) (Flanders and Brussels Capital Region) The maximum authorised weight is increased by the added additional weight required for the alternative fuel technology with a maximum of 1 t.
(2) (Flanders) Two-axle motor vehicle with one-axle trailer: 36 t.
(3) (Flanders) Two-axle motor vehicle with two-axle trailer (with a tandem axle with axle spacing < 1.80 m): 36 t.
(4) (Wallonia) Two-axle motor vehicle with a trailer with a tandem axle: 36 t.
(5) (Brussel Capital Region) Mechanic suspension: 43 t.
(6) (Flanders) Two-axle motor vehicle with three-axle trailer (with axle spacing < 1.80 m): 40 t.
(7) (Flanders) Three-axle motor vehicle with two- or three-axle trailer (with axle spacing < 1.80 m and mechanical suspension): 42 t.
(8) (Wallonia) Three-axle motor vehicle with trailer with a tandem or tridem axle with mechanic suspension: 42 t.
(9) (Wallonia) 50 t in two cases: 1) articulated vehicles consisting of a three-axle tractor and a three axle semi-trailer; 2) trains of vehicles consisting of a motor vehicle with three or more axles and a trailer with three or more axles, subject to the following conditions: a) the set of axles is of the type air suspension or recognised as equivalent; b) the distance between the two axles is greater than or equal to 1.3 m; c) the maximum mass of any tridem is 25 t; d) the articulated vehicle or the vehicle train is equipped with an on-board sensor device indicating the laden mass of the vehicle and the load of axle to the driver; e) the trailer or semi-trailer tractor is in category N3, covered by a certificate of approval issued by a Member State of the European Union, and meets the minimum environmental class EURO VI, in accordance with the Royal Decree of 26 February 1981 implementing the European Communities’ Directives on the type-approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, wheeled agricultural or forestry tractors, their components and safety accessories, or in accordance with Regulation (EEC) No 49 ECE; f) EBS (Electronic Braking System), AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) and ESC (Electronic Stability Control) or RSC (Rolling Stability Control) systems are mandatory and the EBS calculator and modulators provide an immediate response based on the state of charge of the vehicle; g) the driver of a vehicle and train of vehicles shall maintain an interval of at least 50 m with other vehicles and vehicle trains with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 3.5 t; h) the special rules in point 1.4.2 art. 32bis of the Royal Decree laying down general regulations on the technical conditions to be met by motor vehicles and their trailers, their components and safety accessories cannot be applied.
(10) Two-axle tractor with three-axle semi-trailer with mechanical suspension: 43 t (if pneumatic suspension, 44 t).

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Coaches in Europe

2 axles: 
13.50 m
> 2 axles: 
15 m
+ Trailer: 
18.75 m
18.75 m