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Date Update: 
Thursday, 10 October 2019

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Lorries in Europe

4 m
2.55 m (1)
Length Lorry or Trailer: 
12 m
Road Train: 
18.75 m
Articulated Vehicle: 
16.50 m


(1) Vehicle at controlled temperatures: 2.60 m.

Permissible Maximum Weights of Lorries in Europe

Weight per nondrive axle: 
10 t
Weight per drive axle: 
11.5 t
Lorry 2 axles: 
18 t
Lorry 3 axles: 
25 t (1)
Road Train 4 axles: 
36 t
Road Train 5 axles and +: 
40 t
Articulated Vehicle 5 axles and +: 
40 t (2,3)


(1) Vehicle with three axles equipped with double mounted tyres on running axle with pneumatic suspension or an equivalent system to the EU level, or each running axle has double mounted tyres and axle load less than 9.5 t: 26 t.
(2) Two-axle motor vehicle with three-axle semi-trailer carrying in intermodal transport operations, one or more containers or swap bodies, up to a total maximum length of 45 ft: 42 t.
(3) Three-axle motor vehicle with two- or three-axle semi-trailer carrying a 40 ft ISO container as a combined transport operation: 44 t.

Permissible Maximum Dimensions of Coaches in Europe

2 axles: 
13.50 m
> 2 axles: 
15 m
+ Trailer: 
18.75 m
18.75 m