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Can New Urban Mobility Cut Energy Use and CO2 Emissions?

8 January 2020

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Is Micromobility Sustainable Mobility?

15 January 2020

This ITF event explores the challenges posed by micromobility, specifically regarding innovation,...

Modelling the Future of Urban Mobility

9 December 2019

Car-dominated urban mobility faces an uncertain future. This project explores how urban mobility...

Safe Micromobility: Joint ITF Corporate Partnership Board and SaferCity Streets Network Workshop

15 November 2019

New forms of micromobility services are being deployed across the world using sometimes novel forms...

EU DG-REGIO Briefing

20 September 2019

Dimitrios Papaioannou, Modeller / Analyst at ITF, Tatiana Samsonova and Alexandre Santacreu, Policy...

Executive Seminar on Digitisation and MaaS Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities

17 September 2019

his high-level seminar will present the findings and recommendations of a new CERRE study. The...

Lifecycle Assessment of Emerging Urban Transport Business Models

5 September 2019

The transport and mobility ecosystem is rapidly changing but much remains unknown about what these...

Modelling the Future of Urban Mobility: Corporate Partnership Board Workshop

3 September 2019

The urban mobility landscape is evolving much more rapidly than it has in the recent past in many...

ITS European Congress 2020

20 January 2020

C40 World Mayors Summit

14 August 2019

"The Future We Want":The C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen will build a global coalition of...