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Sustainable Urban Mobility in ASEAN Cities Workshop

18 October 2018

ITF is jointly organising this workshop with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport...

Reforming Private and Public Urban Transport Pricing

17 October 2018

This paper examines the optimal level of public transport pricing in metropolitan areas, using...

Connectivity and City Clusters

29 October 2018

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Urban Toll: Rethinking Acceptability Through Accessibility

23 October 2018

This paper highlights the necessity of a spatial approach to addressing the acceptability problem...

46th European Transport Conference

10 October 2018

Jari Kauppila, Head of Statistics and Modelling and Olga Petrik Modeller/Analyst at IT will present...

The Billion Dollar Question

9 November 2018

This paper puts numbers on the investment needs for urban transport infrastructure under different...

Policy Priorities for Decarbonising Urban Passenger Transport

23 October 2018

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The Thames Tideway Tunnel

11 October 2018

This paper examines the how the Thames Tideway Tunnel, a major infrastructure project in the United...

Container Port Strategy Roundtable

20 November 2018

The most competitive ports of the future will be those that most effectively accommodate...