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9th ITF Transport Statistics Meeting

ITF Meeting ITF Meeting

The annual ITF Transport Statistics meeting aims to identify common challenges and solutions to a series of issues relevant to transport statistics. The meeting contributes to the development of a more consistent and efficient international framework for transport statistics by promoting exchange between transport experts from different countries and suggesting solutions.


Item 2. Sustainable and equitable mobility

2.1 Risk of transport poverty indicator. Presentation by Judith Nijenhuis, CBS, Netherlands

2.2 UIC indicators for SDGs. Presentation by Alice Favre, UIC

2.3 Accessibility through an equity lens. Presentation by Josephine Macharia, ITF

Item 3. Sustainable transport infrastructure development

3.1 Latest developments of EU policies in transport sustainability. Presentation by Iuliana Lupu, European Commission

3.2 EV charging infrastructure. Presentation by Alexander Blackburn, UNECE

3.3 Transition costs: the financial implications of decarbonising transport. Presentation by John Pritchard, ITF

Item 5. Low-carbon transport and environmental impacts

5.1 Transport SDGs. Presentation by Alexander Blackburn, UNECE

5.2 STI policies for net zero in transport and mobility. Presentation by Michael Keena, OECD

5.3 New but used: the implications of the electric vehicle transition on second-hand vehicle flows in emerging markets. Presentation by Andreas Kopf, ITF

Item 6. Sustainable supply chains

6.1 ITF roundtable on Coastal Shipping. Presentation by Rex Deighton-Smith, ITF

6.2 Building transparency into the US supply chain. Presentation by April Taylor, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US Department of Transportation, United States

6.3 New data sources for greater supply chain visibility: a focus on container flows. Presentation by Ed Talboys, Department for Transport, United Kingdom

Item 7. Innovation in transport data collection and measurement

7.1 Brazilian statistics panel on waterway cargo movement. Presentation by Fernando Serra, ANTAQ, Brazil

7.2 Eurostat activities in developing transport statistics using innovative data. Presentation by Nikolaos Roubanis, Eurostat

7.3 Freight Logistics Optimization Works (FLOW): information exchange partnership. Presentation by Patricia Hu, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, US Department of Transport, United States

Item 8. Towards an inclusive transport statistics community globally

8.1 Transport Data Commons Initiative. Presentation by Alexander Blackburn, UNECE, and Matteo Craglia, ITF

8.2 The challenges of coherent rail transport statistics. Presentation by Giacomo Potenza, European Railways Agency

8.3 Sustainable urban mobility indicators. Presentation by Catalina Vanoli, CAF

8.4 Mobility data sharing from the private to the public sector: current practice and policy issues. Presentation by Eliot Mueting, Populus

Item 9. Statistics activities

9.1 ITF updates. Presentation by Diego Botero, Rachele Poggi and Xiaotong Zhang, ITF

9.2 EU transport statistics. Presentation by Nikolaos Roubanis, Eurostat

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